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DP Doors and Millwork Doors

DP Doors & Millwork want your doors to stand out with the same quality as fine furniture.  Whatever your home’s appeal; rustic, historic, farm, Cape Cod, English, Colonial, etc., you’ll want your doors to reflect its personal style.  Whether you like the simplicity of regular door frame trim or not, there are many ways to make your doors stand out.  Doors (and windows) can be dressed up with accents like headers (trim over the top of door), parting bead (small trim between header and jamb), crown moulding (moulded trim used as header or on top of header), rosettes (square moulded trim on top two corners of door), plinth blocks (rectangular blocks at bottom of each side of door).  Framing the door with accents will make your door(s) dramatic, unique and inviting.

Our pre-finishing is second to none.  We prep every door so that the finish adheres evenly.  Two finish coats for interior doors and three for exterior doors with a UVA protectant coat.  We offer a wide array of standard stain and paint colors as well as custom colors.  We’ll also color match pre-existing stain/paint for remodeling or replacing doors.  When you factor in the cost of the doors and the pre-finishing, you’ll see the savings in getting the doors and finishing all done by one vendor.

*We can also finish other vendor or customer’s doors but, unfortunately, cannot warranty the finish as we cannot verify the condition of the door(s).  Save yourself time, money and worry by getting your doors and finishing done at DP Doors & Millwork.

*Remember any wood product exposed to weather conditions will need regular maintenance down the road.